Looking for Free Veterinary CE Credits?
I'm Tamara, I'm a vet, and this is my list of free veterinary CE. While I do my best to keep this information up-to-date and correct, you should verify the details yourself. If you find an error or have a resource to list, please email me at chiefgeek@freeveterinaryce.com. Please note that I am just a vet who likes CE. I have minimal affiliations with these organizations and receive no financial kick-backs.*

I am a member of:

A note to the good people of New York: Most sponsors of free online CE are NYSED-approved. To check if a specific sponsor is NYSED-approved, follow this link to their site.

Fine print: These resources are generally intended for licensed veterinarians and veterinary nurses/technicians who need to fulfill legally mandated continuing education requirements. Most of these lectures are neither intended nor suitable for non-medical professionals. While I strongly encourage pet owners and others to educate themselves on the health of their pets, there are many other sites that will provide better resources.

(*) In my role as a boarded specialist, I have done some independent work with Brief Media, unrelated to CE. With regards to money... I am not above taking financial kick-backs, it's just that no one has ever offered. If you want to give me money, I will happily highlight your webinar with stars, rainbows, and unicorn glitter.